President Obama Midwest Bus Tour

Perhaps he’ll take some responsibility for the debt-rating downgrade & other failures since taking office when touring the Midwest next week.

President Obama will travel the Midwest by bus in August to talk up his job-creation efforts and try to shore up political support in battleground states.

Obama will embark on a three-day tour from Aug. 15 – 17. The administration said Wednesday that the trip had long been planned, but wouldn’t outline an itinerary beyond saying the stops would be in the Midwest.

Not likely, though the claim is this isn’t a campaign tour.

The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.

“He looks forward to talking to the folks about growing the economy, creating jobs,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing.

But what are the chances that anything President Obama does isn’t tied to a re-election campaign.

“I think everything that the president does is all political,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on a Wednesday conference call during which he assailed Obama’s fundraising trip to Chicago.

He said the president was trying to “mash” his trip together with politics.

“He just so happens to be doing a bus tour throughout the Midwest, which is going to be a battleground during the upcoming election in 2012,” Priebus said.

The timing of the tour, during the annual congressional recess in August, allows Obama to use the bully pulpit relatively unimpeded by opposing Republican voices in Congress.

So where in Wisconsin will he show up?

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