Another Wisconsin School District benefits

Add Marinette to the list.  From Rep. John Nygren’s latest e-update:

In the past few weeks, I have reported in Nygren’s Notes that school districts across the state are reporting that they will have balanced budgets this school year.  Additionally, many schools are making changes in areas such as insurance, which have created much needed savings, money that can go back into the classroom where it belongs.

The tools given to the local communities have affected school districts all over Wisconsin, even right here at home.  This week, members of the Marinette Board of Education were able to see how the changes made were going to affect the Marinette School District this year.

Although the district is waiting for certification on additional aid, the preliminary figures show that Marinette School District will have a balanced budget this year.  The Marinette Eagle Herald reported that the school’s Business and Finance Director, Pauline Borgen, said this was the first time she ever had the opportunity to submit a balanced budget.

I applaud the Marinette School District for using the different tools that the members of the legislature created to develop a balanced budget.

More proof that the changes made via Act 10 and the recent state budget work.

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