Petri to have challenger in 2012

Looks like 32-year incumbent Tom Petri is going have a challenge from the right, as the founder of Conservative Wisconsin PAC has filed papers to run.  From the Lauren Stephens for Congress Facebook page.

I am finishing up the website which will go into detail about my platform, but until then, I’ll let you know that Illegal Immigration, Social Security (you’re being lied to!), the Patriot Act, Election/Campaign Finance Reform and NAFTA are some of the main issues that are important to me.

Could be an uphill battle as Petri has nearly $1 million in his campaign coffers.  However  a true grassroots campaign if properly organized and with the right backing could be successful.  Look for more from Lauren soon as her campaign takes shape.

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8 thoughts on “Petri to have challenger in 2012

  1. im sorry, i know lauren for sometime now and i will NOT be supporting her what so ever, she has a hidden agenda and its all about the money.

    pay attention and keep a eye for wolves in sheep clothing, esp when being or appearing to be “conservative” is becoming to be a trend thats popular with more and more americans.

    conservative WI pac might not even be real, i cannot find any info on it, no financial records, yet she is openly soliciting donations with no records or public knowledge where the money is going, its obviously going into her pockets.

    again, watch her closely, anyone who works hard for their money hold on to it tight, esp to people who CLAIM to have a open track record, yet have no proof or anything to show for it but words.

    • Hello, I am Lauren (not Laura) Stephens and I don’t personally know anyone named James, but nice try. In any event, yes, Conservative Wisconsin is a PAC which is now in someone else’s hands because as you know, you cannot run for federal office and be tied to a PAC. The finance reports (as well as the campaign registration statements) have been online with the GAB for quite some time and are not hidden, it was also on the website when it first came out. As you read them, you’ll note that the PAC was not about raising money and the overwhelming majority of money spent came out of my own pocket and there was no salary. The money that was raised was part of fundraising with bumper stickers, so people got something for their money in addition to donating. By the way, how can you claim you couldn’t find out anything about the PAC, but then claim that it was making all this money and I was pocketing it? How would you “know I have a hidden agenda, and it’s all about the money”? What money? Why don’t you give us your real name? I can’t wait.

  2. The key with any candidate is to vet – which hopefully people in the 6th will do, as oppose to blindly follow any candidate. Not living in the 6th I have no vote in this race. Appreciate the info – will have to look into it.

  3. Actually James as Lauren points out the information on Conservative Wisconsin was easily accessible on the Government Accountability Board website. And if you read the reports it clearly shows where the money was going. As for a hidden agenda, after re-reading your comments, the question perhaps should be what is yours?

    I highly doubt there would be a hidden agenda on Lauren’s part. When you face an uphill climb, and it is an uphill climb going against an incumbent with a deep war chest as well as a likely endorsement of the NRCC, there is no room for a hidden agenda if you want to be successful in your challenge.

    • My agenda is pretty much out in the open. But I would ask that you do as I did and take a look at who is funding Petri. Go to, which is the only reliable source of this information. He also just called for a tax hike. He also just took thousands of dollars from an out of state company, the Michigan Car Ferry (Badger Ferry) in exchange for giving them yet another sweet deal which allows them to keep polluting Lake Michigan while no other ship is allowed to. You may also want to google LaTourette Amendment, that’s what Petri was doing on June 16th. Selling out businesses in exchange for more campaign cash from the unions. Yep it is all out there in the open. Petri is the one who is going to have an uphill climb. He can’t buy the election this time. I resent being labeled as being in this for the money, especially since for nearly the past ten years, most of my work has been at no cost or significantly reduced prices to my clients.

  4. By the way, what’s most interesting about all this is that I didn’t even file to run until August 31st and have not made an official announcement yet. But this story is dated August 22nd….

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