Shocking news about Koch donations

Some truth that the liberals/unions/Democrats in Wisconsin may not like.  It seems the Koch brothers didn’t only donate to Scott Walker and other Republicans.  They also donated to Democrats!

Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee $4,000.00
Bernard Schaber, Penny                                  $500.00
Colon, Pedro                                                    $250.00
Decker, Russ                                                   $1,000.00
Doyle, Jim                                                        $1,000.00
Galloway, Pam                                                 $500.00
Lautenschlager, Peg                                        $2,500.00
Nelson, Tom                                                     $500.00
Soletski, Jim                                                     $500.00
State Senate Democratic Committee             $4,250.00
Steinbrink, John                                               $250.00
Sullivan, Jim                                                    $500.00
Kreuser, James                                               $500.00

Be sure to point this out when approached by a “Recall Walker” person about signing the recall petition.  Especially if they bring up the Koch brothers.

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