“Recall” protestors cross the line

You don’t boo at an event that honors veterans and lights the Capitol Christmas tree.  Unless you’re a Scott Walker protestor.

Protesters turned their backs to Gov. Scott Walker at Friday morning’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the state Capitol.

Several dozen protesters did show up at the early morning event, and some booed Walker when he was introduced, but they didn’t cause any interruptions or disruptions. Some 200 people were at the tree lighting, including many members of the military who were being honored during the ceremony.

State Senator Scott Fitzgerald hit the nail on the head:

“They booed and protested a ceremony that honors our veterans and lights the Capitol Christmas tree. Every time you think they’ve crossed the line, it’s like they invent a new line to cross,” said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau. “Then again, they’re launching recall for the awful crime of balancing the budget, so the words ‘recall’ and ‘common sense’ haven’t been in the same sentence for a while now.”

And afterwards the protestors decided to violate policy.

Controversy continued after the morning ceremony ended, when Jason Huberty and other protesters displayed huge signs of letters spelling “Recall” over the second floor railing in the rotunda.

Huberty said he was told he had to hold the sign or it would be considered a display or exhibit – which would need a permit – and was warned the sign must come down for the noontime ceremony.

Shortly before the second, noontime ceremony began, Capitol police officers removed the “recall” signs.

Guess when it comes to the left one shouldn’t be surprised by what happened today.  To them only one thing matters even during the season of Christmas.

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