A Late Entry for Palin?

An interesting possibility.

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The campaign to get former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to change her mind and jump into the Republican presidential race is still ongoing, though without any response from the subject herself.

Of course the success of a late entry into the Republican race, after a slew of filing deadlines have passed and perhaps even after a number of primary contests have occurred, would depend on what the political state of play is come, say, mid-February. In fact, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol calls it the “St. Valentine’s Day Option.” He believes that Feb. 14 is the last day that a late entrant could enter the race and reasonably be expected to do well in subsequent races.

It seems inconceivable considering there’s been no indication of a change of heart, but here is a possible scenario.

Newt Gingrich’s momentum is blunted by the ongoing attacks that have been levied against him from all sides. Perhaps someone like Ron Paul or Rick Perry does unexpectedly well in Iowa and/or South Carolina. Romney stays pretty much as he is now, at about 20 percent.

So, as February dawns, there is no obvious candidate. There is Romney and three or four not-Romneys, none of whom has a commanding position. Republican voters start to get dispirited about the choices. No one seems to be a perfect fit for the presidency.

Then, from out of the blue, comes the big announcement. Sarah Palin calls a press conference at some appropriate venue and says, in effect, ya talked me into it. Game on.

Far-fetched? More than likely yes, but stranger things have happened so far in this primary before the voting has even started.


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