Taking on GWC

Seems Greater Wisconsin Committee doesn’t like being asked to “prove” their anti-Walker commercials are factually based.

From the Jerry Bader Show blog.

Last week I mentioned on the air I would try to get verification from the Greater Wisconsin Committee on claims they make in TV ads supporting the Walker recall. As I listed in that email, they were:

The school district where there are 47 students in a classroom

The school district where students have to sit on the floor for lack of furniture

The school district that lost its music teacher

And I requested evidence that all of this happened as the result of AB10.

So Jerry emailed Greater Wisconsin Committee requesting evidence of these claims.  Getting no response he followed up with a phone call.  Here’s the email response.

just was forwarded and listened to your radio show where you talked about our ads the other day so clearly you don’t need our fact sheets and scripts.  I understand you plan on “harassing and haranguing,” us, but at least it will be polite.  not a great way to start a relationship,
jerry.  by the way I was out of town last week, which you would have known from calling the phone number on our website which you said you looked it.

Go to the source to read the rest of email exchange.  Not surprisingly no “proof” backing up these claims was provided.

Perhaps as Jerry suggested to them, the local TV stations will do some investigating in order to verify the validity of the claims.

If the fact that GWC refuses to provide “proof” backing up the claims made in their ad, be sure to contact them.


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