Candle 4 of the Advent Wreath

This week the fourth candle of the Advent wreath is lit.

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What does the fourth candle represent?

Candle Four: Represents the light we once extinguished as God breathed his last breath on the cross. Bruised, beaten, and nailed to the cross, Jesus summoned his last ounce of life to tell us,“It is finished.” God’s rescue was complete. His covenant with his chosen was restored. Forgiveness so complete, we are forgiven even when we do not know not what we do.

The Gospel was always about God pursuing us, providing a way back into relationship with him and fulfilling the covenants he made with Adam, Noah, Moses, Jacob and now all of mankind. He was sent to restore us to himself. The culmination of God’s love for us cost him his son. In this plan of rescue, God had to forsake his own son and turn his back on what we had done to him as Jesus became obedient unto the death we deserved.

From the manger to the cross, all Jesus had accomplished culminated with those three words, “It is finished.” How awesome that Jesus was willing to live the life we could never live and pay the price we could never pay so that we can be in communion with him forever. We light this candle in remembrance of God’s sacrifice for us and the restoration of the plan we had with God in the garden of Eden.

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