More liberal hypocrisy

Once again liberals are outraged by something Governor Scott Walker did.

When Governor Walker took office just about one year ago, he promised to make job creation the number one priority. After a special session and controversial reforms that saw thousands of protesters and even caused 14 Democratic Senators to flee the state to avoid a vote, Wisconsin balanced it’s budget without raising taxes and without massive layoffs.

Ever since February of 2011, Democrats and left-wing organizations have threatened Governor Walker with a recall. And after attempting, and failing, to take a majority in the state senate with recall elections last summer, the time has finally arrived where the recall of Governor Walker is underway.

So now what is the latest complaint from Democrats and left-wing organizations?

That Governor Scott Walker is raising money to campaign and defend himself. How dare he.

Now why does he have to fundraise and can’t focus on governing the state of Wisconsin? Oh yes, because the Democrats have decided to recall him after just one year in office. How dare he raise money to defend himself.

And in what is becoming all too typical hypocrisy, the left-wing organization One Wisconsin Now is also complaining that Governor Walker is raising money to defend himself.

Total hypocrisy being shown by the left in Wisconsin.

Nevermind that One Wisconsin Now is “using” Scott Walker to raise money. And once again, One Wisconsin Now is outraged that Gov. Walker would raise money to defend himself against a recall election that they have been helping to organize for over a year!

This comes on the heels of One Wisconsin Now’s phony outrage over Gov. Walker’s evil out-of-state campaign contributions. One again, they failed to show outrage when national labor unions poured nearly $8 million into last summer’s recalls.

As has been the case in Wisconsin for nearly a year. It’s only OK if liberals do it.

This hypocrisy knows no bounds.

And people wonder what the REAL problem is in Wisconsin when it comes to politics.  It’s that the liberal left can’t handle defeat.  The liberal left can’t wait until the next “scheduled” election to see if it can’t win.  No it has to go the recall route and then complain that someone who is conservative dare raise money to defend their seat.

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