Court Rules GAB Must Do It’s Job

A win for Governor Scott Walker.

A Waukesha County judge ruled Thursday that the Government Accountability Board has to verify signatures on recall petitions against the governor.

Judge Mac Davis ordered state election officials to “take affirmative steps” to remove fake or duplicate names from recall petitions.

The GAB now has to look for bogus names, duplicate names and check if a signature is from a valid voter on recall petitions.

GAB Director Kevin Kennedy says they have some reorganzing to do.

“We’ll go back and look at the procedures to instruct the staff to do what’s in line with the court order,” said Kennedy.

Joe Olson of “Friends of Scott Walker” told TODAY’S TMJ4, “I think the court made a very firm statement.  The integrity of this process matters and the gab has to take affirmative steps in assuring that valid signatures are the only signatures counted.”

What’s disappointing is that it took a court order to make the GAB do it’s job.

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