WEA Trust Holding Federal Funds Hostage

This is ridiculous on the part of a UNION-formed health insurance company.

Federal funds are being withheld from Wisconsin school districts that dropped a health insurer connected with the state’s largest teachers union. Now, the WEA Trust is asking a federal court to rule that its move is okay. The WEA Trust received $18-million from the government’s Early Retiree Re-insurance Program. It’s designed to off-set the costs of providing insurance for early retirees. School officials who’ve dropped the WEA Trust say the money belongs to all public districts – and at least 14 of them are reportedly considering lawsuits to get a share of that funding. The WEA Trust told school systems that the funds would be given out as premium credits – thus forcing them to stay on with the insurance firm to get the money. But many districts have opted for cheaper plans as a result of the state law which took away much of the teachers’ unions’ bargaining powers. One superintendent, Glenn Schilling of Hartland-Lakeside, said the district and its law firm will decide by Friday whether to proceed with a lawsuit.

This money is owed to the school districts and the fact WEA Trust is holding it hostage is very troubling.  Perhaps this is another example of how it really isn’t all about the children for leadership of public union entities.

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