Time For Real Leadership

And it’s needed in the House of Representatives.

It’s time for a change. A leadership change. Yes, I know there are still 10 months to go before the election of 2012 but seriously…Do we have any time to waste? Can we afford to just ride it out?


We must act and act now.

We have a true leadership vacuum and we need to make things right.

I am NOT talking about Obama or the White House here – though there is a pronounced lack of leadership there, too.

I’m talking about something more immediate.

John Boehner must be replaced and soon.

Very soon.

After the House Members went their way just days before Christmas, John Boehner initiated a conference call to inform the Members that the House would approve, unanimously, a 2-month extension of the payroll tax breaks.

In other words Speaker Boehner instead of standing on principle surrendered.

By unanimous, Boehner essentially agreed to Senate terms without putting it to a vote of the House. In fact, Boehner took a dive. He spoke TO the House Members not WITH them and clearly he did not speak FOR the people whom the House represents.

That is not leadership.

What it is…  surrender.

So what does the GOP-led House need in a leader?

What the people need in the people’s House is a true leader. We need a leader unafraid to stand the people’s ground. Unwilling to back down. Eager to be tough. A leader who knows the issues. A leader who who speaks clearly, frankly, and cannot be intimidated.

We no longer need Boehner.

We need to find a real leader for the rest of this year and one who can turn our ship around. We must find a leader cool under fire, willing to make tough decisions and one who can and will start the reversal of the Washington way of doing things.

So who should Republicans replace Boehner with as Speaker?  That would be Florida Republican Allen West. Here’s why:

Allen West has been a Member of the House for just one single year and he has emerged as the liberal’s NUMBER ONE TARGET. Allen West, more than any other Member of the House is the ONE that liberals want GONE.

Because he stands on PRINCIPLE and he doesn’t back down.

Liberals KNOW West is a danger to THEIR ideology and THEIR agenda and they know he won’t compromise.

Rep. West is an interesting choice as many have said he should be running for President or be asked by the eventual GOP nominee to join the ticket as VP.  However he could be more effective in a leadership role in the House.  But would he run for the position is the question.

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