Stunning Successes of Governor Walker

Spot on.

Gov. Walker has been in the middle of one of the most controversial political events in our country with his fight against Unions. Despite fierce opposition from the Unions, he has created jobs, He passed a state budget with NO tax increases. Turned a $3 billion deficit into a $300 million surplus. One of my personal favorites,  he instituted the first permanent property tax cap in his state’s history. He enacted sweeping business tax reforms that will save Wisconsin’s job creators over $130 million a year when fully implemented. I LOVE that he protected  votes by requiring a picture I.D at the polls. He expanded school choice. He paid back the $200 million from Gov Doyle’s unconstitutional raid of the Patients Compensation Fund. He followed Texas by passing the Castle Doctrine that expands protections for homeowners and  passed Concealed Carry.

As a result, unemployment is down and  Wisconsin has added 40,000 jobs showing job growth more than twice the national rate.

The proof is in the pudding. This is what happens when states enact common sense conservative measures. Gov. Walker took on a tough opponent who threw everything they had at him. I really admire how he handled it, and how he came out on top.

This is the type of message conservatives across Wisconsin need to convey to battle the misinformation of the liberals and unions.




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2 thoughts on “Stunning Successes of Governor Walker

  1. Thank-you for sharing this good news. He has been crucified by liberals. It’s important for the rest of the country (I’m your Iowa neighbor) to know about the consistently positive results from sound conservative public policy.

  2. Ultimately those who say this recall election is the most important election of 2012 may be right. Therefore it’s not only important to get this type of news to conservatives nationwide, it’s important to be a counter-voice to what Wisconsinites hear from the union-funded liberal groups and the Wisconsin Dems on an almost daily basis.

    Thanks for the comment.

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