“Higher Things” Reflection for July 2

And Mary said: “My soul magnifies the Lord, And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. (Luke 1:46-47)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. Magnify. Make bigger. More Lord, less Mary. You’d think if anyone ever had reason to be proud or boastful it would be Mary. “Look at me! I believed! Now I’m going to be God’s mother!’ There’s a whole lot of what passes for Christianity like that: Sure, we talk about God but the big deal is really me!

Mary truly is blessed among women. She, alone in all the world, has been chosen to be the mother of God’s Son. She carries in her womb the Son of the Highest and David’s Son. And she has no idea what’s in store: the scorn and mockery and suffering her Son will undergo. She sings for joy today but will one day stand before the cross watching her Son give His life.

Mary’s words in the Magnificat (the name of her song, from the first words, “My soul magnifies) confess God her Savior. Yes, even Mary needs a Savior. There, in her womb, is her Savior. It’s a mystery beyond explaining. But it’s a mystery that can be sung about and Mary does so, giving testimony to the Lord keeping His promises by what He is accomplishing through her.

Mary is special because she is the Mother of God. Yet the time will come when the Lord will “leave His mother” (Genesis 2:24) and be united to His bride, the church, born from His side in water and blood. And Mary will be a part of that church. A child of God, even as Jesus is her child.

Mary and Elizabeth rejoice, not because of Mary, but because of the Lord keeping His promises. And that’s why we celebrate the Visitation, too, because the Lord keeps His promises for all of us. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

My soul now magnifies the Lord; My spirit leaps for joy in Him. He keeps me in His kind regard, And I am blest for time to come. (LSB 934:1)

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