Paul Ryan Named Conservative of the Year

Congratulations Representative Paul Ryan.

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When you think of Republican congressman Paul Ryan, terms like earnest, serious and important come to mind.  So does the term old-fashioned. Ryan comes from an old-fashioned place, the blue-collar town of Janesville, Wisconsin.  He cherishes the old-fashioned values of a faithful family man. He even looks old-fashioned, with his white shirts and striped ties.  And he uses old-fashioned argument skills, persuasively weaving big-picture themes with the numbers that back them up.

And Ryan has old-fashioned goals, too, like saving America from fiscal bankruptcy, economic stagnation and a European-style entitlement state.

“Just look at what happened across the Atlantic,” Ryan told me in a year-end interview.  “We have to avoid that.  We must reclaim our founding principles of economic freedom and free markets.  We must preserve the American Idea.”

With this vision, and with a pro-growth budget framework called “A Roadmap for America’s Future,” Ryan’s serious ideas have seriously gotten under President Obama’s skin.

And in the process Representative Ryan became very influential.

No, Ryan’s reforms didn’t quite resonate in the White House.  But they did force a serious debate about domestic policy and the economy throughout the country.  With his comprehensive budget of deep spending cuts, entitlement reform, and tax simplification—a plan that would strictly limit government and unleash growth at the same time—Ryan became the most influential Republican of his younger generation.  Quite likely, he became the most influential thinker in today’s GOP. For all these reasons, Paul Ryan has been chosen as the HUMAN EVENTS Conservative of the Year.

So just what is the vision of Representative Paul Ryan?

Ryan talks about “reclaiming founding principles,” and about “fighting paternalistic, arrogant, and condescending government elites who want to equalize outcomes, create new entitlement rights and promote less self-government by the citizenry.”

In other words, Rep. Paul Ryan is offering a completely different vision from the one Obama outlined in his Osawatomie, Kan., campaign speech in early December.  Ryan wants “the right to rise,” not a third wave of liberal progressivism.  He wants to stop Obama’s attempt to add to the New Deal/Great Society with the statist universal-healthcare program called Obamacare and an effective nationalization of the energy and financial sectors.  And he completely rejects Obama’s divisive, big-government, punish-wealth, tax-the-rich leftist populism.

for the 2012 election, Ryan has a political vision:  Republicans must develop and communicate a clear policy agenda along the lines of his “Path to Prosperity.”  Then, should they win, the GOP can use this agenda to govern effectively.

“Reagan had this right,” Ryan told me.  For the congressman from Wisconsin, it’s the American Idea.  That’s Ryan’s vision.

The question is this though.  Are the contenders in the GOP Presidential primary and Republican candidates in races across the country smart enough to embrace this vision that may be the only way to victory?

Especially when sound policies like those of Representative Paul Ryan drive the liberals and Democrats nuts.

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3 steps to PRO-Growth tax reform

Kudos to Congressman Paul Ryan for addressing an issue that President Obama and the Democrats prefer to sweep under the rug.


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Highlighting the “Path to Prosperity”

Congressman Paul Ryan explaining the current spending problem facing America and highlighting the “Path to Prosperity” budget plan.

Remember at the least the Republicans have a budget plan.

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The cost of the healthcare debacle

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Congressman Paul Ryan‘s take on the healthcare debacle that has been signed into law.

The legislative victory among Washington’s political class comes at a high cost for Wisconsinites forced to swallow this bitter pill.

This massive health care overhaul – a remake of one-sixth of our economy – will exacerbate the very problems this reform effort sought to address. It will dramatically alter our deteriorating economic and fiscal conditions for the worse and may irrevocably impair the American identity.

Sky-rocketing health care costs are drowning families, businesses and governments in red ink – leaving millions priced out of the market and without coverage. This legislation – with its maze of mandates, dictates, controls, tax hikes and subsidies – pushes costs further in the wrong direction.

Premiums in the individual market would rise from 10% to 13% for families. Our debt and deficit crisis – driven by $76 trillion in unfunded liabilities – would accelerate from the creation of a brand new entitlement and an increase in the federal deficit by $662 billion, when the true costs are factored in. National health expenditures will increase by an additional $222 billion over the next decade, according the president’s own chief actuary, and $2.4 trillion in the decade after the new entitlement is up and running.

The passion against this intrusion goes beyond the mind-numbing numbers. Health care affects each of us in an intimate and personal way. The American people’s engagement is driven by our deep aversion to the federal government‘s unprecedented reach into our lives. The entire architecture of this overhaul is designed, unapologetically, to give the government greater control over what kind of insurance is available, how much health care is enough and which treatments are worth paying for.

The massive expansion of the federal government into the personal health care decisions will drive providers out of business and force employers to dump their workers on to government-controlled exchanges. Because Washington doesn’t approve, millions of Wisconsin seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage plans and millions more will lose the consumer-friendly high-deductible health plans they enjoy.

There is another personal cost to this deluge of new government spending and control. Wisconsin remains in dire need of sustained job growth and robust economic recovery. This legislation will hit our economy with $569 billion in tax increases – tax hikes that will hit workers, families and job-creators alike.

The true shame of this debate is that there are real problems in health care that need to be fixed. Almost a year ago, I introduced the Patients’ Choice Act to fix what’s broken in health care, without breaking what’s working. I’ve spoken with Wisconsinites for years about patient-centered reforms that would make possible universal access to quality, affordable health care with the patient and the doctor – not the government or insurance companies – as the nucleus of the health care market. These alternatives were ignored by Democratic leaders in Washington – and the concerns from Wisconsinites and an engaged American public were dismissed by Washington’s political class.

The yearlong partisan crusade – right through its ugly conclusion – revealed that this debate was never about policy but rather a paternalistic ideology at odds with our historic commitment to individual liberty, limited government and entrepreneurial dynamism. The proponents of this legislation reject an opportunity society and instead assume you are stuck in your station in life and the role of government is to help you cope with it. Rather than promote equal opportunities for individuals to make the most of their lives, the cradle-to-grave welfare state seeks to equalize the results of people’s lives.

We must begin anew on mitigating the disaster from this health care debacle. Let’s repeal the costly missteps before they hit with full force. Let’s make certain we do not simply retreat to an earlier point on the same path to decline. Let’s chart a new direction that will restore the promise and prosperity of this exceptional nation – and let’s do it together. (Source: JSOnline)

Great analysis by Congressman Ryan. Well thought out and wonderful use of facts. Paul shows once again why he is a wonderful thought leader.

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