Green Bay possible host for WIAA state basketball tournaments

Potential good news for the Green Bay area.

Madison’s place as host to the WIAA state basketball tournaments has outlasted The Great Depression, World War II and the disco era, but it might not survive growing pressure to reserve the Kohl Center for University of Wisconsin sports during March.

WIAA executive director Dave Anderson said Friday the state’s governing body for high school sports is actively seeking a new home for its state boys and girls basketball tournaments, as early as 2012-13.

After holding the boys tournament in Madison for 91 of the past 92 years, that might mean taking both tournaments to Green Bay or Milwaukee.

Anderson told the WIAA Board of Control that PMI Entertainment Group, which represents the Resch Center in Green Bay, has made an official offer to host the tournaments beginning in 2014. He said the WIAA also has inquired about the availability of the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee to host the state tournaments for the two sports that are the WIAA’s biggest moneymakers.

It’s all but a given that beginning in 2014 both tournaments will need a new home.

“We have reached out to other venues, knowing that we’re certainly going to need a home for our tournaments by 2014,” said Anderson, whose association is under contract with UW to hold the state basketball tournaments on the Madison campus through 2013 but has been told that conflicts could force both tournaments to be moved from the Kohl Center.

“It’s a given. Whether that home is a facility in Madison, a facility in Milwaukee or a facility in Green Bay. We’re limited.”

So just what are the conflicts that are causing the WIAA to look at alternative sites?  One is the new Big Ten Hockey conference.

The long-term conflicts include the dynamics of the Big Ten men’s hockey conference, which debuts during the 2013-14 season.

The conference announced in June it will use a two-week postseason format that begins with the four lowest seeds meeting in a best-of-three series at the home of the highest seed. The winners will advance to face the top two seeds at the home of the No. 1 seed the next week.

The economic benefits in Green Bay could be huge if the tournaments were hosted here.

The 12 WIAA state tournaments held on the UW campus have an estimated economic impact of $10 million on the city of Madison and Dane County, according to Greater Madison Visitor and Convention Bureau figures. Boys and girls basketball, which bring in more than $3 million of the WIAA’s $6 million in annual revenue, account for most of that.

Were you disappointed when the WIAA moved the boys sectional tournaments from Green Bay?  If so start letting them know that you want the state tournaments to be held here.

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Magic Number 27

That would be the magic number for the Milwaukee Brewers to win the NL Central as they have an 8.5 game lead.  Here’s a primer for determining the magic number.

The Brewers’ magic number is 27. How do you get to 27?

Here’s the short answer: Take the number of games yet to be played, add one, then subtract the number of games ahead in the loss column of the standings of the closest opponent.

The Brewers’ record is 76-52. The Brewers have 34 games left. Using the formula, you add one. Now we have 35.

Now, subtract 35 from the number of games the Brewers are ahead in the loss column. As of Monday morning, that would be eight.

Which brings us to the magic number of 27.

And how will that number go down? A combination of Brewer wins and Cardinal losses.

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Murphy leads by example

The  chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Wisconsin was recently elected chair of the Southern Branch of the Milwaukee CountyRepublican Party.

In late January, Murphy won election uncontested after it became clear that he was going to win even if the establishment put up a candidate against him. Murphy and Vice-Chair Alfredo Rios joined several pro-liberty allies on the Milwaukee County GOP Party and, together, have been able to change some minds of members.

Michael Murphy is best known for his discovery of the “unwritten rule” among members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation.  A rule unknown to many Republican party members.

The agreement is that incumbent Members of  Wisconsin Congressional Delegation will not campaign against each other. The agreement is between ALL members of the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation. In Wisconsin, there are three Democrat incumbents and five Republican incumbents, none of whom will mention each other by name (except in a positive light) in the 2012 election cycle as a result of this unwritten agreement.

The argument could easily be made that this agreement contributed to this:

Prior to November, an incumbent member of Congress had not lost in the state in over ten years and only four Members of Congress had lost in the Badger State in the last 28 years.

Being chairman of the Southern Branch  puts Murphy in the position to bring about change to the Republican Party from within, starting with shedding light on this “unwritten” rule.

As Chairman of the South Branch of the Milwaukee County GOP, Murphy introduced and passed a resolution condemning and disallowing the elected Republican members of Congress to participate in a sweetheart deal with Democrat incumbents.

Shortly before the Milwaukee County GOP Caucus, the Milwaukee County Resolutions Committee shot down Murphy’s resolution. Murphy took the resolution to the floor for delegates to hear. After explaining the “Unwritten Agreement”, he received support from delegates and even from members of the Resolutions Committee who previously discarded the proposal. The resolution was agreed to by the Milwaukee County GOP body.

Thanks to Murphy’s leadership on the issue it will be a topic at the state GOP convention in May.

The WIGOP Convention will occur on May 21, 2011, in Wisconsin Dells, at which time the State Resolutions Committee will consider the proposal. If passed by the Resolution Committee, the proposal will be listed in the WIGOP program for delegates to consider. Should the Resolutions Committee not adopt it, Murphy will introduce the measure from the floor, so delegates will have a say on it.

Many people at the grassroots level believe that changes are needed when it comes to how the GOP in Wisconsin does things.  For that change to happen from within, more people need to step up the way Michael Murphy did.

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Mayor Barrett ignored the faulty Open Sky system in Milwaukee, what important issues will he ignore as Governor?

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