R.I.P Jim Irwin

Long-time Packers play-by-play announcer Jim Irwin has died.

Family, friends, co-workers and sports fans across Wisconsin are grieving the reported loss of a voice who brought the excitement of world champions and favorite athletes into our homes for decades.

Hall of Fame announcer Jim Irwin, Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s longtime play-by-play voice of the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin Badgers, has passed away.

Irwin’s daughter confirmed the information to TODAY’S TMJ4’s Mike Jacobs.

Irwin faced a battle with kidney cancer and had recently received hospice care in Southern California.

Jim became “the voice” of the Green Bay Packers on 620 WTMJ in 1975.

When Bender left in 1975, Irwin slid over to the play-by-play microphone, initially working with color commentator Lionel Aldridge, a former Packers defensive end, TODAY’S TMJ4 sports anchor and NBC Sports commentator.

Irwin wouldn’t give up that job for 24 years, working with former Packers wide receiver Max McGee for the final 20 of those seasons.

When he retired Jim Irwin had called more Packers games than other announcer.  While he is best remembered for being the Packers’ play-by-play man, he also called Bucks and Badgers games in addition to being a fill-in for Brewers games.

In his illustrious career, Irwin earned Wisconsin Sportscaster of the Year 10 times, while being named to the Packers Hall of Fame and Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.

Irwin had a number of other roles as well at 620WTMJ and TODAY’S TMJ4.

He called Milwaukee Bucks basketball games on Newsradio 620 WTMJ from 1979-1993, teaming with analyst Jon McGlocklin during many of those years.

Irwin was present for 12 consecutive playoff appearances and three runs to the Eastern Conference Finals from 1980-91.

He also worked with Bender and former Badgers quarterback Ron Vanderkelen on Wisconsin football from 1969-90, while doing play-by-play on Badgers basketball during that time as well.

“Jim Irwin, he was one of the best play-by-play people that I’ve ever heard,” said Vanderkelen in a 2011 interview with Sorgi.

“He and I got along very well.  He said, ‘this is what your role is,’ and we just jelled very, very easily…It was just a pleasure.”

Irwin also called Milwaukee Brewers games during the 1970’s and 1980’s on Newsradio 620 WTMJ as a fill-in voice for Bob Uecker when the longtime Voice of the Brewers had national television responsibilities.

Condolences to the Irwin family on their loss.




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Standup for the Truth

A new talk show starting on local radio next week. From email:

Starting Monday, December 6th at 9am, Q90 FM will air a local weekday talk show called Stand Up For the Truth! We will be discussing challenging issues affecting our Christian faith with interesting guests that will educate and empower Christians to stand boldly on God’s Word. Your phone calls & emails with questions and comments are welcome.

Learn more, do research and listen to show podcasts at www.standupforthetruth.com.

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More than 25% of NPR funding …

comes from taxpayers?

As Republican lawmakers lead the charge to cut off public funding to National Public Radio, which has been under fire ever since it sacked Juan Williams last month, the network insists it gets no more than 3 percent of its total budget from taxpayers.

But one analyst has argued that NPR’s $166 million budget is actually made up of more than 25 percent of taxpayer dollars and that its member stations across the country haul in another 40 percent of public funds.

Mark Browning of the American Thinker, a conservative online publication, made his calculations based on publicly available information on NPR’s website. (Source: Fox News)

An interesting finding.  Go to the source to find out how Browning reached his conclusion and NPR’s argument against it.  Whatever the amount it should be axed in light of the actions NPR took last month.

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Hymn Week on Issues, Etc.

If you’ve never had the chance to listen to great talk radio that is Christ-Centered Cross-Focused listen this upcoming week.

During the week of August 9, Issues Etc. will be studying the five favorite hymns of “Issues, Etc.” listeners.  Monday, 8/9 – “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less” with Rev. Bill Cwirla, Tuesday, 8/10 – “The Church’s One Foundation” with Dr. Arthur Just, Wednesday, 8/11 – “Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart” with Rev. Paul McCain, Thursday, 8/12 – “Thy Strong Word” with Dr. Arthur Just and Friday, 8/13 – “God‘s Own Child I Gladly Say It” with Rev. Wil Weedon.  Listen live from 4-5 p.m. CDT or on-demand at www.issuesetc.org. (Source: Weedon’s Blog)

Here in Wisconsin I have to listen live on the website (nearly impossible with my work travel) or on-demand.  It’s been a while so I have to find a way to
get back in the swing somehow.

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