Online “Brown Bag” Lunches

Great move by Governor Walker to start utilize a popular aspect of his gubernatorial campaign.  Even smarter to expand it and utilize social media avenues.


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Sharing the Gospel

In the 21st century the Good News is being shared via Twitter.

There are two things to remember when publishing the entire New Testament across the Internet via Twitter, as a Grayslake church recently did:

Each segment is limited to 140 characters — as any tweeter knows.

And you have to do it backward — otherwise Jesus doesn’t get born until the end.

It took Lord of Glory Lutheran Church member Kyle Martin eight months and 7,358 posts to reach his own Holy Grail.

By the end of January, he had finished tweeting the New Testament of the King James Bible on the church’s Twitter page,

Martin said he got pretty sick of counting 140 characters of Bible verses backward — especially in the Book of Matthew, where some names take up a big chunk of Twitter real estate, reaching lengths of up to 30 letters.

Inputting the lines in reverse order was necessary because Twitter shows the most recent post at the top of the page.

Very cool.

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Giving $10,000 to charity

Packers Lions (18 of 28)
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That’s what Packers linebacker Nick Barnett will be doing after reaching his goal of 10,000 followers on Twitter earlier today according to his twitter feed.

Kudos Nick.  Perhaps other athletes will consider setting Twitter follower goals and donating that amount to charity if the goal is reached.

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