Santorum:”It takes a family”

Great analysis of the record of Rick Santorum.

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

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It is hardly surprising that faith and family would be at the core of who Senator Santorum is. He is a very devout Catholic. Anecdotally, Brian Wilson — formerly Fox News correspondent and now co-anchor of The Morning Majority on Washington’s WMAL AM/FM — saw the candidate in an unguarded moment.

As Wilson was in South Carolina covering the primary there last month, it was very early in the dark of morning that he saw Santorum stop in what the senator thought was a private moment, and bow his head in prayer. “He didn’t know that I was watching him,” Wilson reported. The senator was unaware anyone had seen him. The point: When you don’t think anyone is watching, that’s the time when the authentic in you emerges.

Such a moment certainly adds credence to the label of “social conservative”.  But Rick Santorum isn’t exclusively focused on social issues.

On National Security:

The Pennsylvania Republican was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee for eight years, where he earned a reputation as a “hawk” in the sense that Americans deserved no less than a first-class military capable of providing the maximum strength to protect our homeland.

Santorum advocated an aggressive military posture toward regimes in Iran, Syria, and China. All three, in different ways, pose a threat to the United States — more so today than at that time.

As a senator, Santorum promoted support for opponents of the Iranian regime which today threatens Israel and the U.S. with nuclear weapons. In his presidential bid, he has laid out a 15-point plan for dealing with Iran’s current nuclear muscle-flexing.

On Terrorism:

In July of 2006, Senator Santorum delivered a major foreign policy address at the National Press Club where he said that America is not at war with “terror” per se. Terror, he explained, is merely the method of our enemies. The definition of our enemy, he stressed, is Islamic fascism, and we need to start calling it by its correct name.

Jobs and the Economy

The Santorum campaign advocates a zero tax on manufacturing industries. That should appeal to blue-collar workers.

Other proposals include cutting $5 trillion in federal spending in five years; repeal and replace Obamacare with market-based healthcare innovation; improve quality and access to healthcare; cut EPA resources for job-killing regulations; and eliminate funding for Dodd-Frank regulatory burdens.

Certainly proof that Rick Santorum is not just focused on social issues, with substantive views on a range of issues.  And if he were to win the GOP nomination and the Presidency he would join some elite company.

If he ultimately wins the White House, Mr. Santorum will be only the third president in history to achieve that goal after having been defeated for a lower position. The previous two were Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and Richard Nixon in 1968.

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Fiery Anti-Abortion Speech

A very inspiring speech by Representative Allen West (R-FL) at yesterday’s March for Life rally.

A fitting verse from the devotional he shared.

“In the sight of God, who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus, who while testifying before Pontius Pilate made the good confession, I charge you” 1 Timothy 6:13 (NIV).

(H/T – The Blaze)

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Ribble feels like Jimmy Stewart

Interesting, but not surprising.

The 8th Congressional District’s new congressman has never held elective office before. So Republican Reid Ribble says he feels a bit like Jimmy Stewart in the 1939 classic movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

“Matter of fact, when I won my election I got four copies of it as gifts,” he said

Ribble says it’s impossible not to be impressed by the surroundings of more than two centuries of making law.

“You stop and it does make you pause and say ‘Look at the giants of American history who have served here’, guys like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln,” Ribble said. “You look at how the American people view Congress today with an approval rating of less than 20 percent.”

Ribble says this freshmen class hopes to reclaim that image over the next two years.

Hopefully Congressman-elect Ribble and the other newcomers to the Washington D.C. scene remember why they were elected.  If they remember that and understand “we the people” will be holding their feet to the fire that image will be reclaimed.

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Are they serious in North Carolina?

No American history prior to 1877 to be taught?

Forget George Washington, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln—nothing meaningful happened in America before 1877.

That’s the lesson North Carolina public high schools may start teaching. Under proposed changes in their high school history curriculum, the U.S. History course (which seniors take) will cover events from 1877 forward only.

It will be as if the American Founding never happened.

The implication: events in American history prior to that are irrelevant.

According to Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the goal of this change is to teach what students will feel connected to, “where they see the big idea, where they are able to make connections and draw relationships between parts of our history and the present day.”

By implication, nothing before 1877 has any meaning to students: the Declaration of Independence that proclaims the self evident truths of equality, natural rights, and consent of the governed; the Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the framework in which we exercise our liberty; the Civil War in which Abraham Lincoln defended the principles of the American Founding and ended the institution of slavery. These events are irrelevant for today’s students.

Apparently it’s the Progressive way to ignore those important First Principles.

Early 20th century Progressives also taught that nothing before 1877 has meaning for today. In his new book We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future, Matthew Spalding recounts Progressives attack on America’s First Principles. The Progressives sought to remake America, so that the Declaration’s Founding Principles, the Constitution’s institutional structures, and the Civil War’s meaning as a victory for Founding principles would no longer ring true. The progressives argued that equal, natural rights were non-existent; government creates rightsThey replaced representative government with the administrative, bureaucratic state. (Source: The Foundry)

Such a move is very disturbing and hopefully residents of North Carolina prevent these changes from taking place.

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