Recall Your Mom

This is spot on from Moment of Clarity.

And kudos once again to opponents of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who celebrated their Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday yesterday by hissing and chanting at the Governor during a solemn proclamation honoring Dr. King at the State Capitol in Madison.

In doing so, the Democrats notched yet another important victory for loutish self-absorption over common decency in the continuing battle for the hearts and minds of independent voters in the Badger State.

The highlights of their perfect season, undefeated by couth, includes shouting down the Pledge of Allegiance, booing the National Anthem, disrupting a ceremony honoring Special Olympians, and hassling returning troops, just to name a few.  Their behavior in our Capitol rotunda would get them thrown out of Walmart.

Forget Scott Walker; you guys should recall your mom.

Or whoever it was that raised you to believe it was ok to interrupt ceremonies, hurl vulgarities at 14-year-old girls, disenfranchise cloistered nuns, bribe children with cigarettes to sign recall petitions, stalk the families of public officials, throw beer or coffee on opponents, make death threats, and try to shut down dissenting media outlets.

That might be what Democracy looks like in Venezuela or Iran, but not here.  That’s not even what 4th grade looks like here.  Our moms raised us to wait our turn, to let everyone speak, to compromise, to watch our language in public, to be gracious in both victory and defeat.  We learned to stand our ground, but not to stand in the path of others’ rights to pass.  We learned tolerance and patience – from our moms.

As is rightly pointed out, the liberal left has it wrong with their defense of their actions.

I’ve heard the comeback: both sides do it.  No, they don’t; one side does it.  And that one side is not winning over any unaligned voters by pitching fits in public.

Funny I don’t recall hearing ANY stories about conservatives disrupting ceremonies honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.

And since the liberal left apparently didn’t pay attention when it comes to  “waiting their turn” when it comes to election cycles, Wisconsin is about to embark on an expensive and unnecessary recall election.

We are about to waste $9 million of our hard-earned money to give our Democrats another mulligan, money that will not be available for education, the elderly, the environment, cancer research, bridge repairs, or bike paths.  Or, God forbid, tax relief for working people who can hardly make ends meet, thanks in part to one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

2/3 of that recall money will be paid by Republicans and Independents, both of whom overwhelmingly approve of the job Governor Walker is doing – the job he was elected fair and square to do.

It will come out of township budgets across the state, townships run by common-sense people from both Parties who would prioritize snow removal over an unbudgeted election if it were up to them – and us.  If it were up to us, we would have the election to recall Scott Walker in November of 2014, when it was originally scheduled.

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More liberal hypocrisy

Once again liberals are outraged by something Governor Scott Walker did.

When Governor Walker took office just about one year ago, he promised to make job creation the number one priority. After a special session and controversial reforms that saw thousands of protesters and even caused 14 Democratic Senators to flee the state to avoid a vote, Wisconsin balanced it’s budget without raising taxes and without massive layoffs.

Ever since February of 2011, Democrats and left-wing organizations have threatened Governor Walker with a recall. And after attempting, and failing, to take a majority in the state senate with recall elections last summer, the time has finally arrived where the recall of Governor Walker is underway.

So now what is the latest complaint from Democrats and left-wing organizations?

That Governor Scott Walker is raising money to campaign and defend himself. How dare he.

Now why does he have to fundraise and can’t focus on governing the state of Wisconsin? Oh yes, because the Democrats have decided to recall him after just one year in office. How dare he raise money to defend himself.

And in what is becoming all too typical hypocrisy, the left-wing organization One Wisconsin Now is also complaining that Governor Walker is raising money to defend himself.

Total hypocrisy being shown by the left in Wisconsin.

Nevermind that One Wisconsin Now is “using” Scott Walker to raise money. And once again, One Wisconsin Now is outraged that Gov. Walker would raise money to defend himself against a recall election that they have been helping to organize for over a year!

This comes on the heels of One Wisconsin Now’s phony outrage over Gov. Walker’s evil out-of-state campaign contributions. One again, they failed to show outrage when national labor unions poured nearly $8 million into last summer’s recalls.

As has been the case in Wisconsin for nearly a year. It’s only OK if liberals do it.

This hypocrisy knows no bounds.

And people wonder what the REAL problem is in Wisconsin when it comes to politics.  It’s that the liberal left can’t handle defeat.  The liberal left can’t wait until the next “scheduled” election to see if it can’t win.  No it has to go the recall route and then complain that someone who is conservative dare raise money to defend their seat.

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Claims of Greater Wisconsin Committee rated FALSE

Surprise, surprise claims made by GWC in their ad lamenting school aid cuts were found to be FALSE!

A TV ad by the liberal Greater Wisconsin Committee uses interview clips to hammer Walker for backing business tax breaks while reducing state support for local schools.

The speakers — unidentified by name or position, but described by the group as teachers, parents or grandparents — make claims about school staffing cuts and larger class sizes.
Their claims are presented as more than random anecdotes; one source listed on the screen is a report issued by the state Department of Public Instruction, which oversees public education in Wisconsin.

In case you don’t remember, here were some of the claims:

“My daughter has not enough tables and chairs in her room and she has kids sitting on the floor,” a man says, sitting with a woman and two young girls in a restaurant. A citation flashes on the screen: the state budget bill.

Then a young man standing outside says: “Forty-seven in a room, they don’t get much attention.” An onscreen graphic reads, “Classes are overcrowded,” and cites the aforementioned report issued by the Department of Public Instruction — a widely publicized report summarizing a statewide survey of schools following the budget cuts.

Seems Politifact has previously found claims from the survey GWC used to be false.

When asked for backup, the group’s leader, Michelle McGrorty, cited the statewide survey published in November by the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators in conjunction with the state DPI, which is independent of the governor’s office.

Previously, we rated two claims from that survey.

We found False a statement by Walker that “the overwhelming number” of school districts reported their staff stayed the same or grew after the 2011-’13 state budget. And we also rated False a claim by the state’s largest teachers’ union that state budget cuts for schools  resulted in nearly 4,000 educator layoffs.

GWC says the survey shows overcrowding is a problem, though the claim can’t be backed up.

Asked about the survey, McGrorty said the findings “definitely” mean there will be some overcrowding.

But we contacted DPI and WASDA and another trade association and found no one claiming overcrowding or any specific increase in class size averages.

Another statewide association, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, said class size increase have not risen to “troublesome” levels.

And of course GWC continues to refuse to provide identification of those in the ad.

That leaves us with fact checking the specific anecdotes, but Greater Wisconsin — which is funded by labor, Democratic Party groups and wealthy individual donors — refuses to name the people or even cite the districts involved.

McGrorty told us the group is concerned about potential harassment or threats of violence against the speakers.

She also said the group was told that a school had to combine two classrooms because a teacher was laid off, and it lacked enough chairs. In the claims of classes increasing to 47, McGrorty contends it was a high school English class.

We were not able to identify the districts.

Without “proof” to backup the claims, they are nothing more than rhetoric that is false.  As Politifact points out:

In our view, the ad’s message is that school crowding is common and dramatic, assertions not backed up by key school officials or the research cited. Class sizes have increased, and Walker’s budget is partly responsible, but that trend began before Walker, and other factors play in.

In any case, that is not the same as “overcrowding” — a description not even school and union officials are using.

We may revisit this item if new evidence emerges, but these claims — as presented — are thin and misleading.

We rate the claim False.

So when will the local TV stations start refusing to play these false ads being put out by Greater Wisconsin Committee?

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Now an Independent

25-Bob Ziegelbauer
Image by wiadcc via Flickr

25th Assembly Representative Bob Ziegelbauer is running for re-election this year, however it won’t be as a Democrat. He announced yesterday that he is leaving the party and will be an Independent.

“This is a crucial time for Wisconsin. We badly need to change direction, to get our State back on the path to prosperity, to get people back to work!”

“The political party system at all levels is broken. Special interests and their money control the parties. I have always been a staunchly independent voice, working hard to do the right thing to represent the people of this community, but now the party machinery has made it clear that they want another “yes man”, someone who will blindly go along with every tax increase or expansion of their power without the backbone to stand up for the people. That won’t work for me.”

“As a result, I have decided to break away from this broken system, and offer myself as an “Independent” candidate, to best represent the people of this community. I’ve always worked very hard to represent all of us. This will allow me to do that even better, and I would greatly appreciate your continued support.” (Source: Ziegelbauer campaign)

Ziegelbauer in explaining his decision pointed out how he feels the Dem party has changed.

“I grew up as a John and Robert Kennedy Democrat … they were pro-life and pro-growth and cared about people.”

He also has no concerns with getting things done as an Independent if re-elected.

He said he would have no problem “linking with people who have ideas I can support … on an issue-by-issue basis, much like the people expect the system to work.”

Reaction to Bob’s announcement wasn’t surprising.

From Dem candidate Kerry Trask:

“The relationship between Bob and the Democratic Party as an organization has been unorthodox … Bob votes more frequently with the Republicans.”

From Assemblyman Mark Pocan:

“Bob’s always been kind of marched to his own drummer,” Pocan said. “We know (Trask) has a lot of support from Democrats in that area so I can’t say I’m surprised (by Ziegelbauer’s move.)”

Pocan said the Dem caucus has always had a “cordial” relationship with Ziegelbauer, despite his voting tendencies. He said Ziegelbauer’s pro-corporate record may be a liability for the incumbent this election year.

“When it came to some of the corporate issues, some of the tax fairness issues, Bob’s certainly more aligned to the Republican Party than the Democratic Party.”

From GOP chair Reince Priebus:

“Frankly, with all the runaway government spending and special-interest favors the Democrats have forced through in the last two years, I’m surprised more Democrat legislators aren’t jumping ship.”

Should make for an interesting race in the 25th Assembly District this fall.

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