Dick Morris endorses Rebecca Kleefisch

From Facebook:

Dear Wisconsin Friends,

It is a pleasure to endorse Rebecca Kleefisch for Lt. Governor. I think that she is just the kind of independent force that Wisconsin needs. Too often professional politicians win Republican nominations and act like Democrats when they are elected. Rebecca will be an independent voice to fight for conservative values in Wisconsin.
While others bow to “the logic of governance” and adopt policies which are just slightly to the right of the conventional wisdom, Rebecca is prepared to chart her own course and fight for no taxes and for big cuts in spending. She will back education alternatives like charter schools and vouchers. She is prepared to think outside the “box” of traditional liberal state governments. I hope you will vote for Rebecca Kleefisch in the primary on Tuesday, September 14th.


Dick Morris

A major endorsement for Rebecca from a national figure just days before the primary.  This is big.

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