$1.44 million

That’s how much federal money has been spent since 2008 studying male prostitutes in Vietnam.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has so far awarded $1.44 million in federal funds to a project that, among other things, is estimating the size of the population and examining the “social milieu” of male prostitutes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“In Study 1, formative ethnography will be used to describe the settings, venues, and overall social milieu in which male sex work is being situated,” says the NIH abstract for the grant. “In Study 2, we will conduct a Capture-Recapture Survey to estimate the size of the male sex worker population in each city.”

The grant project began in July 2008 and is scheduled to run through March 2012. In fiscal year 2008, the NIH awarded the project $534,201 in federal funds. In fiscal year 2009, the NIH awarded the project $465,974; and in fiscal year 2010, the NIH awarded the project $442,340.  So far, a total of $1,442,515 in federal funds have been awarded to the project. (Source: CNSNews)

Your federal tax dollars at work.  Is this a good way to be spending our money? Wonder if Steve Kagen voted for this.

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Taking Treasury Secretary Geithner to the woodshed

Great job by Rep. Paul Ryan during a hearing on the proposed Obama FY 2011 budget.

When will the Obama adminstration start taking accountability?  I mean they’ve been in office over a year.

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Wisconsin Comrades show their irresponsibility

Gee it must be nice to just insert language in a budget and circumvent state law.

Former State Senator and current contributor over at Real Debate Wisconsin Cathy Stepp was doing a little light reading (a 134 page report from the LFB on changes made to the budget).  She found this little gem.

Assembly/Senate/Conference Committee: Specify that the current law requirements that revenues exceed expenditures in each fiscal year would not apply in 2010-11.

The comrades running the Wisconsin Legislature with that line showed their hypocrisy.  And yet they claim to care about the taxpayers?  They claim they did the best they could in tough economic times?

Perhaps Comrade Hansen or Comrade Nelson who both hold leadership positions in the Legislature would care to explain this breaking of state law? How does it be benefit taxpayers when it leads to an even larger deficit in the future?

Or is it that rules and laws don’t apply to the Comrades?

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