Independence Day 2011

Today this great nation, the United States of America, turns 235 years old.  Happy Birthday America!  Is there not a better way to celebrate than to listen to a rendition of our national anthem?

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Attention residents of Lakewood …

and surrounding areas.  If you want to sign the petition to recall state Senator Jim Holperin, BerryLaker will be in the area tomorrow (Saturday) so stop by and see him.

Just to let my two readers I will be collecting signatures for recalling our 12th District Senator, Jim Holperin

Where – Lakewwood Wis. corner of HWy 32 and CTR F.
It’s the parking lot where ATV’s and snowmobiles can unload in Lakewood.

When- Saturday 3/12/11 – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


It’s been 15 days …

and State Senator Dave Hansen is still refusing to fulfill the duty of representing his constituents in Madison.  Still refusing to show up to debate and vote on legislation that he doesn’t like.

For that reason Dave Hansen needs to be replaced so that residents of the 30th District have representation!

Spread the word by putting up this flyer throughout the 30th Senate District!

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Advice to the new Congress …

from former Senator Fred Thompson.

“…Don’t judge yourself by the number of bills you pass, and your legislative achievements. Don’t pay any attention to what these pundits around here say, how they brag on the lame duck Congress because X number of bills were passed. Stay committed to the agenda…”

Excellent advice.

Remember “we the people” are watching to make sure you stay committed to the agenda.

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