Recall Hansen headquarters now open!

As of today “Recall Hansen” will have headquarters in Green Bay at 1136 W. Mason St.

Plans are to have the facility staffed from 9 am – 9 pm.  During this time eligible voters can stop in to learn how to be a petition circulator, drop off completed petitions, and pick up petitions.  Eligible voters of the 30th Senate District can also stop in to sign the petition to recall Senator Hansen.

So stop by and help recall a state Senator who decided to skip town instead of vote & debate the budget repair bill, leaving constituents without representation when the State Senate was in session.

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Upcoming “Recall Hansen” Events

Numerous signature collection events are taking place throughout the 30th Senate District the next few days.

In Marinette signatures will be collected outside the Senior Citizens Center for the Indoor Flea Market from  8 am until 3 pm.  The address is 1603 Ludington St.

On Monday signatures will be collected outside Lombardi Middle School in Green Bay from 6 pm until 9 pm for the Community Forum.  The address is 1520 South Point Rd.

In addition there will petition collectors going door-to-door throughout the District on Saturday starting at 9 am.  Word is there may be a drive-thru location or two as well.

Petition circulators will also be at St. Patrick’s Day events as well according to organizers.

If you can volunteer some time as a circulator at any of these events email me or if you’re on Facebook leave a message on the “Recall Hansen” page.


Regarding mailing of recall petitions

When it comes to mailing in recall petitions in the 12th and 30th Senate Districts, there is encouragement to call ahead.  Why? A threat to prevent delivery has been uncovered.  From Recall Jim:

It has been brought to our attention that there is a threat to the delivery of mailed petitions at the U. S. Post office, i.e. tossing out first class mail or delaying the delivery of petitions.

Please call 715-479-8784 when mailing petitions and we will put you on a list awaiting petition delivery.

All petitions that arrive without phone calls will be contacted directly to verify their delivery.

If you send in a petition and do not hear from us directly, please call 715-479-8784 to report this.

On the Recall Hansen site is the same message with folks asked to call 920-672-8513 before mailing petitions.  In fact in the 30th word is you can have someone come to you to pick up completed petitions as opposed to mailing them.

So apparently in the attempt to keep the status quo, opponents of the efforts to recall Democrat State Senators are willing to go to the extreme of disrupting mail service.  Isn’t that against federal law?

More importantly what does the Green Bay post office facility have to say about this threat?


What’s up in Marinette?

Those involved with the recall effort approached officials in each of the county seats in the 30th Senate District to schedule signature collection events to be held on Thursdays for the next 8 weeks until the goal for signatures is reached. Those events have been set up in Green Bay and Oconto from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm for recall supporters to sign the petition, drop off completed petitions and learn how to be a circulator.  However, events weren’t set up in Marinette at city hall.  According to promotion of the signature collection events the following is mentioned:

Marinette Mayor, Robert Harbick, personally denied the right to use Marinette city hall for the purpose of peaceful circulation of recall petitions.

Why did Mayor Harbick deny recall supporters request to set up signature collection events?  What reason could there be to not allow peaceful collection of petition signatures at city hall?  Could it have to do with personal opposition to the recall effort?

If anyone has an opportunity to speak with Mayor Harbick ask him why he personally denied the request of Recall Hansen to hold signature collection events at city hall.


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