Tremendous success

The “true” grassroots effort to recall State Senator Dave Hansen is seeing tremendous success.  Since the kick-off event back on Saturday, February 26 numerous residents of the 30th Senate District have signed the petition.  In addition many people have picked up or downloaded the petition to have their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers sign.

The “Recall Dave Hansen” headquarters opened last week at 1136 W. Mason St and has seen a steady stream of petition signers.  According to recall organizer David VanderLeest over 300 signatures were gathered yesterday (3/21) alone.  In addition the signature “blitz” event held Saturday saw overwhelming success as well.

Before the last of the recall Hansen signs were even taped up Saturday morning, people began showing up to Perkins Park in Green Bay, eager to sign the recall petition. “I’m a Vietnam vet and needless to say he’s saying he’s speaking for me, that’s not right, plus he deserts his, goes to Illinois, that’s just not the way it’s supposed to be done,” says Tom Christensen, who signed a petition. “There’s a lot of people I’m sure that are thinking the same way we are.”

What’s being seen in the 30th Senate District is that people are frustrated.  That happens when your state Senator flees the state and speaks only for the unions.

Bramschreiber says he’s tired of Senator Hansen fighting for unions and he believes the majority of District 30 is too. “They certainly don’t speak for me when they say the citizens of Wisconsin want collective bargaining to continue,” adds Bramschreiber.

It’s not the only theme heard.

Another common theme heard during the day was “Mr. Hansen needs to hear our voices too.” It’s a theme heard on a daily basis at the recently opened “Recall Hansen” headquarters at 1136 W. Mason St. when people stop in to sign the petition & take copies to circulate throughout the district. It’s another sign that numerous constituents of Senator Hansen feel unrepresented when the job of an elected official is to represent all constituents.

Want to help in the recall effort?  Check out the information in the sidebar.  Or just go to Recall Dave Hansen.  Or stop by the headquarters at 1136 W. Mason St. in Green Bay which is open from 8 am until dark.

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State Senator Holperin on way home?

WisPolitics is reporting that in light of the endgame move played by Republican State Senators on the collective bargaining aspect of Governor Walker’s budget repair bill 12th Senate District Senator Jim Holperin is on his way home from Illinois.

State Sen. Jim Holperin was driving back to his home in Conover this morning and said he expected other Dems to follow suit after the Assembly votes later today.

Holperin said most of the Dem caucus met last night and agreed to return once the Assembly finished its work on the legislation to strip away most collective bargaining rights for public employees. He said he may have left a little earlier than the others, but he believed the Assembly action was a foregone conclusion and there would be no Senate floor session today or tomorrow. He said he would return to the Capitol if that changed.

Holperin headed back three weeks to the day after the Dems went into their self-imposed exile.

A self-imposed exile that did nothing but hold democracy hostage and resulted in 42% of Wisconsinites not having representation in the State Senate for three weeks. Here’s a novel idea for the minority, next time you don’t like a bill do your elected job which is to debate and vote on ALL legislation brought to the floor.

Welcome back Jim.  Perhaps you would like to explain to your constituents why your actions don’t warrant being recalled.


So That Was The Plan

Seems the Wisconsin 14 had planned to return last weekend to huge rallies.

A source with knowledge of discussions among absent senate democrats said the lawmakers planned a return to Wisconsin from Illinois last week to include rallies in senate districts and a day for private matters before taking the senate floor to consider Governor Walker’s controversial budget repair bill.

The source spoke to WKOW27 News on the condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized to speak publicly about the plans of senate democrats.

The source said the planned return and its logistics fell apart Thursday,  as senate republicans approved warrants of detentions to effect the equivalent of arrests on the missing democrats if they were contacted by law enforcement officers in Wisconsin.

The source said the absent fourteen senate democrats planned to return to Wisconsin on Friday,   March 4,  with members traveling to senate districts to stage rallies with supporters.

The source said the senate democratic contingent planned to arrive at the state capitol Saturday,   March 5,   to again rally with supporters.   Rallies in support of preserving collective bargaining rights for public employees have taken place at the capitol over the past three Saturdays,  with crowds estimated at 40,000 or more on each occasion.

The source also said as part of an agreement with republicans involved in negotiations to bring senate democrats back to the state,   democratic senators would have attended to private matters on Sunday, March 6,  and a call of the senate would have taken place Monday, March 7.     At that time, the source said absent democratic senators would have been present,  presumably to vote on the stalled budget repair bill.

Interesting how that coincides with remarks made by Governor Walker late last week.

The timetable described by the source coincides with separate remarks made by Governor Walker.   Walker told reporters this week negotiations on a return of the absent democratic lawmakers were going so well staff members awoke him with a late night call Wednesday to report on the progress of talks.     Walker said he thought the senators would be home Thursday,  March 3,  or Friday,  March 4.

So why didn’t the State Senators return?  What reason did Minority Leader Miller have for supposedly stopping this from happening?  More importantly when are the Wisconsin 14 going to return so 42% of Wisconsinites no longer have to go without representation in the State Senate?

Enough is enough, at some point there needs to be a realization that elections have consequences and shirking your responsibility isn’t what the minority does when something proposed isn’t liked.


Hundreds attend Hansen recall meeting

There was huge turnout for the Recall Hansen organizational meeting today at the Rock Garden in Green Bay.

Attendees learned about the recall process and had the opportunity to sign up to circulate the petition as well as sign the petition if they reside in the 30th Senate District.

The 30th Senate district includes Assembly Districts 88, 89 and 90.

The paperwork for the recall was filed on February 25 so the clock is ticking as there are 60 days to gather the required signatures.

This photo says it all:

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