Media Blackout on Ground Zero Mosque Rally

The photographs don’t lie: at the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mega-mosque, tens of thousands of people filled the streets. Flags were everywhere, along with numerous homemade signs. Meanwhile, two blocks away, at the counter-protest in favor of the mega-mosque, photographs show that the demonstration was much smaller, and printed signs were in abundance – an unmistakable indication of an astroturfed, professional protest, orchestrated by Communist and Socialist groups (whose printed signs abounded). Yet the mainstream media consistently portrayed these two demonstrations as “dueling rallies,” and even claimed that the pro-mosque ralliers outnumbered those against the mosque. It was yet another indication of how the ostensibly objective press tries to manipulate public opinion.

The Rally of Remembrance, which was organized by Pamela Geller and me as an effort of our Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America organization, featured a great deal that any truly objective reporter might have considered newsworthy. The foremost human interest story of the afternoon was the rousing speech given by Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla. Nassralla garnered national attention last June at the first rally Geller and I hosted against the Ground Zero mosque, when Keith Olbermann and other hard-Left pseudo-journalists trumpeted and misrepresented a misunderstanding between Nassralla and some others in the crowd as a racial incident. Olbermann, Reason magazine’s Cathy Young, and other blinkered ideologues used this incident as proof that those who opposed the mosque were all racist, “Islamophobic” bigots. Indeed, many news outlets ignored the rally altogether except to note the alleged mistreatment of Nassralla.

But as far as the mainstream media is concerned, none of it happened at all. The media elites have lined up solidly behind the mosque, and are telling the uninformed and unwary that anyone who opposes the mosque is an enemy of religious freedom, a bigot, a racist, unwelcome in the company of decent people.

The only problem with this scenario is that the American people refuse to accept it – as illustrated by the thousands who attended the September 11 Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mosque. The very fact of the Rally itself that the mainstream media seems so determined to ignore or minimize itself shows that the media’s propaganda line is failing. There is an ever-widening gap between the goals and agenda of the political elites, and those of ordinary Americans. And Americans are becoming more aware of that widening gap. (Source: Front Page Mag)

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Yet another example of how the mainstream media and liberals don’t get it.

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