Best Fan Sign of the Year

Seems someone at last night’s Packers game got the last laugh on a cheater.

The Packers are the heart and soul of Green Bay. Fans own “stock” in the team, and season tickets are a valuable commodity. That made tickets to the Christmas night game with archrival Chicago either the best gift a fan could find under the tree, or (if her sign is to be believed) a perfect way to get back at a cheating boyfriend.

Best fan sign of the year: Packers fan uses game tickets to get back at cheating ex

Well played, Packer fan. For your use of tickets to get back at the ex and a clearly-written sign that let fans across the country know you were smart enough to move on, you win the Shutdown Corner sign of the year.


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Packers lose WR coach

The first defection from the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers coaching staff has occurred.  Jimmy Robinson, wide receivers coach, has signed on with Cowboys.

Robinson, 57, had been the Packers’ receivers coach since 2006. He will be assistant head coach/wide receivers with the Cowboys for their new coach, Jason Garrett.

Robinson’s ties with Garrett go back to the New York Giants from 2000 through ’03, when Robinson was their receivers coach and Garrett their backup quarterback.

The Cowboys will be Robinson’s sixth NFL team. He’s worked with receivers all of his 21 seasons as an NFL coach.

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The “Claymaker” on Leno

In case you missed it here is All-Pro Linebacker Clay Matthews of the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Green Bay Packers appearance on Jay Leno this past week.


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Dissing the National Anthem?

Great insight by BerryLaker.

Why will not Fox, CBS, ESPN, 620 WTMJ show or broadcast the National Anthem before games on Sundays? The NFL network played and showed the complete National Anthem before tonight’s game like before every NASCAR race. Did they broadcast it because they are trying to increase viewers? Did they do it because no one else would notice?

What gives?

It’s a very good question and one that deserves an answer. Especially for FOX when you consider that the first half of the NASCAR season is on that network.

Why not broadcast the complete National Anthem before every sports game? Is that one extra ad before kickoff or tipoff that important to the bottom line?

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