Palin: Congress Should ‘Rescind’ Obamacare Mandate Tax

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Excellent point made by Sarah Palin:

“What Chief Justice [John] Roberts did for us . . . was put this issue — Obamacare, and the individual mandate — back in the hands of the people via our representatives,” the former Alaska governor said Thursday on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”


“So now . . . Congress has an opportunity to act on this tax, as this has been deemed a tax [by the court ruling],” she said, adding, “After the July recess, I expect Congress to come in and rescind this tax. They have the power to adopt and enact a tax. They also have the power to rescind it.”

Read the rest: Palin: Congress Should ‘Rescind’ Obamacare Mandate Tax.

GOP President Probably Won’t Repeal ObamaCare

Mitt Romney’s opponents in the GOP Presidential primary need to jump all over this.  Seems one of his advisors feels ObamaCare won’t be repealed completely.

“You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president,” Coleman told BioCentury This Week television in an interview that aired on Sunday. “You can’t whole-cloth throw it out. But you can substantially change what’s been done.”

That would be former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who Romney’s campaign is trying to distance itself from.

“With all due respect to Sen. Coleman, he’s wrong,” campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said via e-mail. “Gov. Romney can and will repeal Obamacare and is committed to doing so.”

Distancing or not this is another example of why Mitt Romney can NOT be the Republican nominee. It’s also an example of why the Republican establishment needs to stop trying to pick who their nominee should be.

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A 2012 Republican Strategy for Congress

A great editorialearlier this month by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

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America’s Choice seeks to highlight the differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party led by President Obama. It could do so over the coming months by presenting to the country, through a series of votes in the House of Representatives, the battle between those who believe in broadest terms in limited government and freedom and those who promote government control and dependency.

What are the choices these votes could present? Growing government spending and debt or growing the private sector and reducing government. Limiting energy development or using America’s energy resources. Punishing success or pro-growth tax reform. A government takeover of health care or repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with patient-centered, free-market reforms.

The alternatives are stark. President Obama’s faith in government is so strong that he has increased its size to 24% of gross domestic product from 21%, and increased our nation’s debt by over $4 trillion. Republicans, on the other hand, believe long-term self-sustaining jobs are created in the private sector—that government cannot tax, spend and borrow our nation to prosperity.

As Senator Johnson points out, this strategy highlights the stark differences in vision with the Democrats and President Obama.

America’s Choice would clearly present two different visions of the country’s future—one represented by the Republican Party and the other represented by the Democratic Party and its leader, President Obama. Once Congress returns from recess later this month, the Republican majority in the House could focus on one major area of domestic policy at a time. For example, February could be used to debate, craft and pass an energy utilization policy.

When the House debates and passes an agenda item, Republican senators, candidates and conservative groups could concentrate on the same issue, using the same powerful facts and figures to inform and persuade the American public. Coordinating our focused efforts improves our ability to compete with the presidential bully pulpit and counteract media outlets that often work to marginalize us.

In 2011, President Obama stopped running the country and started running his re-election campaign. In his cynical attempt to divert attention away from his record by dividing us, Republicans have been put on defense. The America’s Choice agenda would put us on offense.

If done well, we just might put enough pressure on Senate Democrats and the president to actually pass legislation that will begin to solve our problems. If not, Republicans will have provided Americans with a clear choice in November.

And ultimately that is what Republicans need to do in the coming months, provide a clear choice to voters.  Especially since the prospects of President Obama working with Republicans are very slim.

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Nightmare before Christmas – ObamaCare

So while the “lame duck” was limping to a finish this was taking place with ObamaCare.

Since the law’s passage, there are hordes of Washington bureaucrats scrambling to write rules and regulations pertaining to the health-care overhaul. The reason we need a stable of bureaucrats in the first place is that, as the New York Times put it, “The laws [in ObamaCare] were so broad and complex that executive-branch regulators have wide leeway in determining what the rules should say and how they should be carried out.”

To recap, that’s unelected officials who now have the discretion of writing the guidelines on how you get treated.

And guess which unelected officials are leading the implementation discussions? That would be none other than the Grim Reaper and Dr. Death, who otherwise go by the names Donald Berwick and Ezekiel Emanuel.

Berwick, recall, is the Medicare czar who was given a recess appointment because his calling Britain’s socialized health-care system a “seductress,” while also writing that the government should ration the “number of centers engaging” in “cardiac surgery” “neonatal intensive care” and “cancer care” were even too toxic for Democrats.

Berwick leads the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, an agency with an annual budget bigger than the Pentagon’s, and yet refuses to grant interviews or take questions from reporters. In fact, he ran away from our cameras back in September and even ordered hotel security to shield him from reporters who tried asking him questions after a speech he gave to the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

So there is the Grim Reaper.

But then there’s Dr. Death, Ezekiel Emanuel — Rahm’s brother and an ad hoc adviser to President Obama on all things health care. Last week, Zeke and Berwick led a meeting at the White House with lobbyists of health-care organizations to begin a discussion on the execution of ObamaCare. The invitation noted, “Thank you for your continued engagement as we take on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We are kicking off a series of White House meetings between senior administration officials and health care providers to exchange ideas on areas in need of attention. We invite you (or a representative) and your organization to join us.”

Surely, a meeting of this magnitude would be open to the press, right? Heck, Obama did promise “an unmatched level of transparency, participation, and accountability across the entire administration.”

That was then, and this is now, where the details of ObamaCare’s strcure are open to a handful of selected lobbyists only — not reporters and not C-SPAN cameras, as the hackneyed pledge went.

It can never be good when these things take place behind closed doors.  So much for openness and transparency from the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

This is why come January the steps must be taken to defund and repeal this monstrosity.

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