Mainstream Media’s Hypocrisy

On full display when it comes to recall petitions in Wisconsin.

When a conservative media outlet brings up concerns:

Just as the recall petition circulating process was getting underway in November of last year, Media Trackers unearthed privacy concerns over the way information on a recall petition could be used. At the time, Media Trackers pointed out that recall petitions are different than other electoral documents such as voter registration forms and nominating papers, and because of that the information on them could be used against those who sign a petition.

The PolitiFact division of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted the report and chose to review it. They rated the conclusions “Mostly False,” even after agreeing with the substance of Media Trackers’ analysis of the facts and statements related to the issue.

Yet when a liberal group brings up the SAME concerns, there is silence.

Now, two months after the Media Trackers report and PolitiFact’s rating of it, the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin is expressing concern over privacy issues and the recall process. In a story reported by TMJ4, WISN-TV, WKOW-TV and WXOW-TV, the ACLU is suggesting that steps need to be taken by the Government Accountability Board to keep the information of domestic abuse victims private even as other signatures are released.

While the Media Trackers report on these concerns earned negative coverage in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, now that a liberal group is echoing those same concerns, the newspaper and other critics of the report at the time are remaining silent.

Shocking the hypocrisy shown by the mainstream media outlets.  Just more proof the mainstream media is in the hip pocket of liberals.

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Court Rules GAB Must Do It’s Job

A win for Governor Scott Walker.

A Waukesha County judge ruled Thursday that the Government Accountability Board has to verify signatures on recall petitions against the governor.

Judge Mac Davis ordered state election officials to “take affirmative steps” to remove fake or duplicate names from recall petitions.

The GAB now has to look for bogus names, duplicate names and check if a signature is from a valid voter on recall petitions.

GAB Director Kevin Kennedy says they have some reorganzing to do.

“We’ll go back and look at the procedures to instruct the staff to do what’s in line with the court order,” said Kennedy.

Joe Olson of “Friends of Scott Walker” told TODAY’S TMJ4, “I think the court made a very firm statement.  The integrity of this process matters and the gab has to take affirmative steps in assuring that valid signatures are the only signatures counted.”

What’s disappointing is that it took a court order to make the GAB do it’s job.

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Recall Hansen Celebration

The signature goal in the effort to recall State Senator Dave Hansen has been reached! In excess of 15,000 signatures will be turned in to the Government Accountability Board prior to the April 26 deadline.

The two committees looking to recall Hansen are close to submitting combined petitions to the Government Accountability Board, organizers have said. As of Tuesday, canvassers had collected about 15,000 signatures, more than the 13,852 necessary to launch a recall race in Hansen’s district, but the groups were looking to get more for insurance.

According to the “Recall Dave Hansen” Facebook page a victory celebration will be held
on Saturday night starting at 6:30 pm at Titletown Brewing in Green Bay. The event will also provide one last signing opportunity for those residents of the 30th Senate District who haven’t had a chance to do so.

And if you can’t attend, be sure to contact Titletown Brewing at (920) 437-2337 and thank them for hosting this event.

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Tremendous success

The “true” grassroots effort to recall State Senator Dave Hansen is seeing tremendous success.  Since the kick-off event back on Saturday, February 26 numerous residents of the 30th Senate District have signed the petition.  In addition many people have picked up or downloaded the petition to have their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers sign.

The “Recall Dave Hansen” headquarters opened last week at 1136 W. Mason St and has seen a steady stream of petition signers.  According to recall organizer David VanderLeest over 300 signatures were gathered yesterday (3/21) alone.  In addition the signature “blitz” event held Saturday saw overwhelming success as well.

Before the last of the recall Hansen signs were even taped up Saturday morning, people began showing up to Perkins Park in Green Bay, eager to sign the recall petition. “I’m a Vietnam vet and needless to say he’s saying he’s speaking for me, that’s not right, plus he deserts his, goes to Illinois, that’s just not the way it’s supposed to be done,” says Tom Christensen, who signed a petition. “There’s a lot of people I’m sure that are thinking the same way we are.”

What’s being seen in the 30th Senate District is that people are frustrated.  That happens when your state Senator flees the state and speaks only for the unions.

Bramschreiber says he’s tired of Senator Hansen fighting for unions and he believes the majority of District 30 is too. “They certainly don’t speak for me when they say the citizens of Wisconsin want collective bargaining to continue,” adds Bramschreiber.

It’s not the only theme heard.

Another common theme heard during the day was “Mr. Hansen needs to hear our voices too.” It’s a theme heard on a daily basis at the recently opened “Recall Hansen” headquarters at 1136 W. Mason St. when people stop in to sign the petition & take copies to circulate throughout the district. It’s another sign that numerous constituents of Senator Hansen feel unrepresented when the job of an elected official is to represent all constituents.

Want to help in the recall effort?  Check out the information in the sidebar.  Or just go to Recall Dave Hansen.  Or stop by the headquarters at 1136 W. Mason St. in Green Bay which is open from 8 am until dark.

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