Standup for the Truth

A new talk show starting on local radio next week. From email:

Starting Monday, December 6th at 9am, Q90 FM will air a local weekday talk show called Stand Up For the Truth! We will be discussing challenging issues affecting our Christian faith with interesting guests that will educate and empower Christians to stand boldly on God’s Word. Your phone calls & emails with questions and comments are welcome.

Learn more, do research and listen to show podcasts at

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Rally in support of Jerry Bader

An organized protest is in the process of being planned to show support for Jerry Bader and his radio program on WTAQ, a station of  Midwest Communications.

When: Saturday, November 14 at 10:00 am

Where: Midwest Communications

1420 Bellevue St Green Bay, WI


More details to be posted as they become available.

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Jerry Bader suspended

Green Bay talk show host Jerry Bader has been suspended by Midwest Communications.

WTAQ talk show host Jerry Bader has been suspended for the next two weeks. General Manager Duke Wright made the announcement Thursday morning. Bader is suspended for an online story this week on Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton and her reasons for dropping out of the gubenatorial campaign that has since been retracted. A decision on his future with WTAQ will come then. For now, comments and opinions can be shared by calling 435-3771, extension 2027. (Source: WTAQ)

Why?  Where’s the explanation from Midwest Communications as to why this decision has been made?  Is there intimidation coming from liberals who want to silence a “conservative” voice?

I’m not saying Jerry didn’t make a mistake going with the report as he did.    But that being said I have to agree with Kevin over at Lakeshore Laments.

I seriously believe he had the facts to back up his report when he posted it.

The severity of the action taken by Midwest Communications is questionable and points as well to a double standard if in fact there is pressure coming from liberals behind the scenes.

The liberal MSM reports rumors, innuendos and misinformation about conservative politicians on an almost daily basis.  Are they suspended or placed under “status review”?  Do they issue retractions and apologies the way Jerry did when he found out his sources gave him “bogus” information?

The answer is NO!

Midwest Communications needs to show that it has a backbone and not give into those who want to silence “conservative” talk radio.  In other words keep Jerry Bader on the air!

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