Palin: Congress Should ‘Rescind’ Obamacare Mandate Tax

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Excellent point made by Sarah Palin:

“What Chief Justice [John] Roberts did for us . . . was put this issue — Obamacare, and the individual mandate — back in the hands of the people via our representatives,” the former Alaska governor said Thursday on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”


“So now . . . Congress has an opportunity to act on this tax, as this has been deemed a tax [by the court ruling],” she said, adding, “After the July recess, I expect Congress to come in and rescind this tax. They have the power to adopt and enact a tax. They also have the power to rescind it.”

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A Late Entry for Palin?

An interesting possibility.

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The campaign to get former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to change her mind and jump into the Republican presidential race is still ongoing, though without any response from the subject herself.

Of course the success of a late entry into the Republican race, after a slew of filing deadlines have passed and perhaps even after a number of primary contests have occurred, would depend on what the political state of play is come, say, mid-February. In fact, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol calls it the “St. Valentine’s Day Option.” He believes that Feb. 14 is the last day that a late entrant could enter the race and reasonably be expected to do well in subsequent races.

It seems inconceivable considering there’s been no indication of a change of heart, but here is a possible scenario.

Newt Gingrich’s momentum is blunted by the ongoing attacks that have been levied against him from all sides. Perhaps someone like Ron Paul or Rick Perry does unexpectedly well in Iowa and/or South Carolina. Romney stays pretty much as he is now, at about 20 percent.

So, as February dawns, there is no obvious candidate. There is Romney and three or four not-Romneys, none of whom has a commanding position. Republican voters start to get dispirited about the choices. No one seems to be a perfect fit for the presidency.

Then, from out of the blue, comes the big announcement. Sarah Palin calls a press conference at some appropriate venue and says, in effect, ya talked me into it. Game on.

Far-fetched? More than likely yes, but stranger things have happened so far in this primary before the voting has even started.


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Is she or isn’t she?

Sarah Palin continues to be coy when it comes to a Presidential run.

Political rock star Sarah Palin on Friday fueled the flames of speculation that she just might run for president, telling a mob of reporters who encircled her at the Iowa State Fair that she would campaign on her record as a mayor and governor in Alaska.

If she runs, she would speak from the heart about “where I think America needs to head and how I think we can turn the economy around, and here’s what I’ve done in the past to show you truly a foundation of where my beliefs come from, of what works — in a small town, in a state, in a big industry like oil and gas,” said Palin, the 2008 vice presidential nominee. “What is it that can be done to turn things around. I’ll express that.”

Palin said she’s simply resuming her One Nation bus tour — and that she didn’t think she was stealing any candidate’s thunder. She’s seriously considering entering the race, she said, and she thinks her followers deserve an answer soon.

“This is what I’ve told Todd over and over: I don’t want to be seen as or perceived as stringing people along, asking supporters, ‘Oh, don’t jump in there on someone else’s bandwagon.’ That’s not fair to them after another month or two goes by. They need to know who it is that they can jump behind.”

So when can an announced decision be expected?

But next month “has to be kind of a drop-dead timeline” for deciding whether or not she will make a bid for the White House herself, she said.

And what would a campaign look like?

Asked how she’d run her campaign, Palin said it would be unconventional and grass-roots-based.

“I wouldn’t be out there looking for hires out of that political bubble that seem to result in the same old ideas,” she said.

This is looking a lot like when Fred Thompson threw his hat in the ring 4 years ago.  Is that a good or bad thing?


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Palin: Eliminate all energy subsidies

Hmm looks like Wisconsin 8th District Congressman Reid Ribble isn’t the only Republican who thinks all energy subsidies should be on the table.

Seems presumptive Presidential candidate and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin agrees.

Asked Tuesday whether she supports the federal subsidy of ethanol, an always critical issue in the presidential nominating cycle, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went one step further and called for the elimination of all energy subsidies.

“I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be relooked at today and eliminated,” Palin told RCP during a quick stop at a coffee shop in this picturesque town tucked into the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. “And we need to make sure that we’re investing and allowing our businesses to invest in reliable energy products right now that aren’t going to necessitate subsidies because, bottom line, we can’t afford it.”

“We’ve got to allow the free market to dictate what’s most efficient and economical for our nation’s economy. No, at this time, our country can’t afford the subsidies. Before, though, we even start arguing about some of these domestic subsidies that need to be eliminated — should be — we need to look at ending subsidies and loans to foreign countries and their energy production that we’re relying on, like Brazil.”

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