Kleefisch: “It’s Our Turn”

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is spot on with this speech at a rally to support Governor Scott Walker this past weekend.

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Hypocrisy of Wisconsin Democrats

Hypocrisy is on full display in the Wisconsin recalls.

Just days after recall petitions were turned into the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is demanding Governor Walker cease a so-called “recall stall” and effectively end the verification process for the nearly one million recall signatures.

Despite a signature gathering period marred by numerous concrete and anecdotal incidents of fraud, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is brazenly demanding Governor Walker “instruct his fanatics” to cease their efforts to verify the recall signatures. Their logic of course being that since the Democratic Party claimed they have one million signatures, it would be “frivolous” to ascertain how many of those signatures are valid.

And here’s why this call by Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats is total hypocrisy.

  • For over 3 weeks in early 2011, 14 Democratic state senators fled Wisconsin to Illinois to indefinitely delay a vote on Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.
  • When the Budget Repair Bill was passed in mid-March 2011, Democrat Secretary of State Doug La Follette delayed publishing the new law.
  • Before the Budget Repair Bill could go into effect, Democrat District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed a lawsuit with the Dane County Circuit Court to issue a stay on the law.
  • After losing the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, liberal candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg demanded a month-long recount that saw little change in the vote totals and confirmed a Prosser victory.

The recall is going to be expensive for taxpayers. However it’s only going to be expensive because the Democrats insisted on it. Instead of waiting until the next election, they threw a tantrum that is resulting in something totally unnecessary.

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Unions Vetting Gubernatorial Candidates

Looks like the unions are hard at work trying to find someone to do their bidding.

The hunt for a union-friendly, Democratic candidate committed to restoring collective bargaining rights to pre-Gov. Scott Walker status is under way, with the state’s largest unions — reportedly to a much greater extent than ever before — working together on plans to throw their collective weight behind one candidate.

“Right now, there is communication occurring between unions to coalesce around one candidate, much more so than has ever been done in the past,” says Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin and a lieutenant with the Madison Fire Department. “In the past, unions have independently talked to their members and then made endorsements. But this time, the unions will endorse who they think is the best … a candidate that will restore collective bargaining rights.”

While Mitchell’s name was floated for some time as a possible candidate for governor, he said Monday he is more inclined to run for lieutenant governor. Along with Walker, organizers also gathered signatures to recall Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch as well as a number of Republican state senators.

Marty Beil, executive director of the state’s largest public employees union, says the unions are “looking for someone who will champion the fight … and the fight is to restore dignity and respect to Wisconsin’s workers and to return Wisconsin to the people. We need someone with a spine, a backbone, who will take the lead in championing the rights of workers in this state and the interests of the middle class.”

So once again the unions are trying to define the interests of the middle class, while claiming that collective bargaining is a right.  Funny considering collective bargaining is a privilege and many non-union members of the middle class would disagree with the unions definition of their interests. Perhaps more surprising though is that apparently the Democrats are willing to campaign on the real issue behind the recall attempt.

Although there was at times surprisingly little talk about Act 10 (the bill that repealed most public employee bargaining rights) and unions in the recall campaigns against some state senators this past summer, potential Democratic candidates against Walker say it will be central in a gubernatorial recall election this year. Barca says he “would be astounded if anyone would run and not make it a cornerstone of their campaign.”

But collective bargaining isn’t the only issue on the minds of Walker foes.

Jim Palmer, head of the 8,000-member Wisconsin Professional Police Association, says: “We need a candidate that can beat Scott Walker. But having said that, that candidate’s platform can’t just be about restoring collective bargaining rights. Restoring collective bargaining rights should be the cornerstone of the candidate’s campaign, but their platform must be broader.”

It’s a message Erpenbach says he has been stressing in his meetings with union leaders. He says that while collective bargaining is by far the “most important issue,” as it’s a move he sees as a dangerous step toward privatizing state government, there are numerous other problems with Walker’s first year in office.

Among those are efforts to kick thousands of families off BadgerCare, changes in state law to put more power in the executive office, cuts in state aid to public schools and the passage of the voter ID law.

Unfortunately for the unions, the people of Wisconsin have had the chance to see that the reforms implemented in the last year are working.  So no matter who the unions choose to be their puppet (notice its not people who are Democrats choosing), the people of Wisconsin will see through the “straw man” arguments put forth in the coming months by their candidate.

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Recall Your Mom

This is spot on from Moment of Clarity.

And kudos once again to opponents of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who celebrated their Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday yesterday by hissing and chanting at the Governor during a solemn proclamation honoring Dr. King at the State Capitol in Madison.

In doing so, the Democrats notched yet another important victory for loutish self-absorption over common decency in the continuing battle for the hearts and minds of independent voters in the Badger State.

The highlights of their perfect season, undefeated by couth, includes shouting down the Pledge of Allegiance, booing the National Anthem, disrupting a ceremony honoring Special Olympians, and hassling returning troops, just to name a few.  Their behavior in our Capitol rotunda would get them thrown out of Walmart.

Forget Scott Walker; you guys should recall your mom.

Or whoever it was that raised you to believe it was ok to interrupt ceremonies, hurl vulgarities at 14-year-old girls, disenfranchise cloistered nuns, bribe children with cigarettes to sign recall petitions, stalk the families of public officials, throw beer or coffee on opponents, make death threats, and try to shut down dissenting media outlets.

That might be what Democracy looks like in Venezuela or Iran, but not here.  That’s not even what 4th grade looks like here.  Our moms raised us to wait our turn, to let everyone speak, to compromise, to watch our language in public, to be gracious in both victory and defeat.  We learned to stand our ground, but not to stand in the path of others’ rights to pass.  We learned tolerance and patience – from our moms.

As is rightly pointed out, the liberal left has it wrong with their defense of their actions.

I’ve heard the comeback: both sides do it.  No, they don’t; one side does it.  And that one side is not winning over any unaligned voters by pitching fits in public.

Funny I don’t recall hearing ANY stories about conservatives disrupting ceremonies honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.

And since the liberal left apparently didn’t pay attention when it comes to  “waiting their turn” when it comes to election cycles, Wisconsin is about to embark on an expensive and unnecessary recall election.

We are about to waste $9 million of our hard-earned money to give our Democrats another mulligan, money that will not be available for education, the elderly, the environment, cancer research, bridge repairs, or bike paths.  Or, God forbid, tax relief for working people who can hardly make ends meet, thanks in part to one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

2/3 of that recall money will be paid by Republicans and Independents, both of whom overwhelmingly approve of the job Governor Walker is doing – the job he was elected fair and square to do.

It will come out of township budgets across the state, townships run by common-sense people from both Parties who would prioritize snow removal over an unbudgeted election if it were up to them – and us.  If it were up to us, we would have the election to recall Scott Walker in November of 2014, when it was originally scheduled.

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