Pulaski Polka days and centennial celebration

Not only is Pulaski Polka days in swing this weekend, Pulaski is celebrating 100 years.

Pulaski’s Polka Days celebration has always put the village on the map, but this year organizers hope visitors and residents also celebrate the village’s ongoing centennial celebration.

Polka enthusiasts will descend into Pulaski this weekend for the four-day festival that kicks off today and features 25 bands from around the state and country. The annual Pulaski Polka Days is among the largest festivals in the Midwest, one that organizer Harold Otto says attracts people from across the country.

“A lot of new people are coming to the festival because the word is getting out there,” Otto said. “It’s really a community event.”

He estimates that between 45,000 and 50,000 were in the village last year during festival weekend. This year, the village also is celebrating its centennial with events throughout the year to mark its incorporation in 1910. (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette)

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Krista Branch: “I am America”

An awesome song and video!

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Philosopher’s World Cup


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Great Internet resources for kids

From Pastor Lorfeld via Pastor Christians:

If you have kids that can walk and talk, chances are you also have kids who are already playing on the computer and surfing the web. While this can be a cause for concern for parents, with the right guidance there can be a treasure trove of fun, educational, and faith building websites that your kids can enjoy. Today I’d like to introduce a couple:
Arch Books Online by CPH For years CPH has been publishing Arch Books, which tell Bible stories in rhyme. They are great books for beginning readers. Now this new website will read these books to your children online highlighting each word as it goes. Of course, you can turn off the narration and read the book yourself. Either way, if you have children ages 2-7, show them this website.

JCPlayZone by Lutheran Hour Ministries This website has many fun activities including a Frogger-like game, Leopardy, Bible Stories, Devotions, and even recipes. Parents can also check out the companion site: JC Parent Zone for parenting tips, articles, and Q & A.

A great set of resources that your children can use when online.

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