New Book to be Released by Rick Santorum: “American Patriots: Answering the Call”

Rick Santorum’s second book will be coming out just before the November election.

The former Pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate will publish his second book, “American Patriots: Answering the Call,” on Oct. 2—exactly one month and four days before the election.

According to a forthcoming press release provided to Yahoo News, Santorum’s new book will focus on stories from American history, and will be promoted as “this generation’s ‘Profiles in Courage,'” John F. Kennedy’s acclaimed 1955 book. Published by Tyndale House Publishers, the book will highlight 25 “unsung” figures from the Revolutionary War, including Peter Francisco, Nancy Morgan Hart and Elias Boudinot.

“This book was written to remind us who we are,” Santorum says in a statement. “Americans today are faced with a decision. Do we want to leave our children a country that believes in the God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit happiness? Or do we want to entrust the state to provide for us in exchange for our freedom?”

Source: Rick Santorum to release new book this fall | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

In addition, Rick has also recently launched a non-profit group to advocate conservative ideas, Patriot Voices.

Considering his last book made the NYT best-seller list, the question is how long will it take this one to make the list.

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