Ribble co-sponsors bill to eliminate energy subsidies

Earlier this month, Republican Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08) cosponsored legislation to eliminate energy subsidies.  Representative Ribble, an original co-sponsor, had this to say about H.R. 3308.

“This legislation will cut the federal subsidy leash that has been tied to energy industries for decades and prevent the government from picking winners and losers in the market,” said Ribble. “Government subsidies have unjustly given sizeable, stable industries preferential tax treatment to the tune of billions of dollars. This imbalanced system has not only helped foster a lopsided marketplace but also left taxpayers the bill to pay for it. “For far too long, the energy industry has reaped enormous, special benefits at the expense of hardworking Americans. This legislation will put businesses and energy technologies on a more equal footing in the marketplace and help end the cycle of biased treatment, artificial prices, and taxpayer exploitation that has come from decades of government sanctioned subsidies. Ending industry-driven tax credits represents one component of the comprehensive tax reform that I believe will help grow the economy and put the federal government’s balance sheet truly back into balance. It’s time for government to step aside, let industries, such as oil, natural gas, and ethanol, hold their own in the marketplace and allow the American people to decide the economic winners.”

Since it’s been introduced and referred to committee, H.R. 3308 has also gained the support of fellow Wisconsin Republicans Paul Ryan (WI-01) and Sean Duffy (WI-07).


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Congressman Ribble event

Congressman Ribble is holding an event in Appleton tomorrow (8/13) according to a Facebook posting.

From the office of Congressman Reid Ribble:

Greetings everyone, Congressman Ribble is going to be holding an event on Saturday August 13 from 1:30-3pm at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton in the Pippin Room for Tea Party members. The hotel is at 333 W. College Ave. in Appleton. Congressman Ribble will be presenting a PowerPoint, discussing recent votes, and then doing a Q&A with attendees. Please share this with those you believe would like the opportunity to attend. Please call me with any questions at 920-380-0061. Please have people RSVP at the same number. Thanks and I hope to see you there! Rick

Rick Sense

District Chief of Staff

Congressman Reid Ribble WI-08

Perhaps a question to ask is why isn’t the event being held in Green Bay instead of in the southern most part of the 8th district?  Green Bay would be easier to get to for constituents in the northern reaches of the district.

Yes it’s nitpicking but it would let people know there is a Green Bay office.  Wonder how many constituents realize that since there wasn’t an event for it’s opening.

At any rate if you are able to, be sure to attend what could be an interesting and informative event.

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A wake-up call

Comments from Congressman Reid Ribble on government debt and the financial crisis facing the country.

“What’s frustrating to me is the solution still is on the table in the Senate,” he said. Ribble was referring to a House measure, which the Senate tabled, that called for $4 trillion in government spending cuts over the next decade.

Ribble, who owned a roofing business before being elected to Congress last year, said the government’s debt issue is everyone’s problem. Government bond rates influence interest rates on an assortment of consumer loans.

“It will effect borrowing rates, and interest rates could sneak up because of it,” Ribble said. “There was a dramatic loss of wealth (Monday), which creates more uncertainty, which could lead to reduced amounts of capital for investments. This is a big problem.”

As Congressman Ribble points out, this is a wake-up call.

“Hopefully this will be a wake up call to not just the American people, but its government to get its fiscal house in order,” said Congressman Reid Ribble, a Republican representing the 8th District.

Time will tell if government finally gets what “we the people” have known for some time.

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Shocking poll results in the 8th?

In this nail-biter of a race, Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wis.) trails his Republican opponent, Reid Ribble, by one point, 44 percent to 45, with 10 percent of likely voters undecided, according to The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll.

Each candidate has locked up his party’s support, and independents are breaking slightly for Kagen, 43 percent to 40, with 15 percent of independents undecided.
Kagen leads by 14 points among females, while Ribble leads by 17 points among males. Ribble is winning younger and middle-aged voters while Kagen does well among older voters.

The Hill poll was conducted by Penn Schoen Berland Oct. 12-14. The survey consisted of 415 phone interviews among likely voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8 percent. (Source: The Hill)

The poll shows a tightening race, perhaps closer than expected.  Especially when previously released internal polls showed a wider lead for Ribble.  It also shows why to follow this cautiously.

Perhaps the Ribble campaign would be wise to do TV and radio ads highlighting his real position on Social Security.  As Jerry points out, those Kagen attack ads may be having an impact among older voters.

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